Department of Electronics Engineering ::


To outfit Students with sound knowledge and state of art technical skills, which help them for lifelong learning to cater the needs of Society and Nation


To dedicate our utmost efforts to develop technical excellence through hard work and commitment to shape Students into competent graduates

Short Term Goals

  1. To develop all laboratories with all necessary modern equipments and software for successful training of students.
  2. To strengthen the Department with qualified & experienced staff at various position.
  3. To achieve at least 95% result.
  4. To motivate faculties for research activities.

Long Term Goals

  1. To establish R & D centre.
  2. To make Department strong with all teaching staff qualified with Doctorate degree.
  3. To achieve 100% placement.
  4. To have greater interaction with reputed industries & other organization.
  5. To establish advanced electronic corporate training centre.