Department of General Engineering :: Activities

1. Address Programme

Addressing First Year Students by Principal Dr. S. V. Joshi

2. Parent’s Meet
  • Discussion with parents for development of students in academic as well as co-curricular activity.
  • Personal difficulties of students are known during the interaction with parents.
  • Through interaction, their difficulties from department, hostel and amenities are known.
3. Class Teacher Activity
  • To keep record of attendance and performance in unit tests.
  • To display defaulter list.
  • To inform attendance and progress report to the parents.
4. Mentoring System
  • Encourage students to discuss their ideas.
  • Help to lower stress and build confidence
  • Experiencing greater self esteem and motivation to succeed.
  • Improving interpersonal relationship such as with teacher and family.
  • Receiving assistance in choosing a carrier path.

1. Professional Communication Activities on dated 14/9/2014 & 12/10/2014

Mr. Narwade S.E.for Communication Skills & Phonetics / Mr. Devkar M.H. for Communication for Engineers

Miss. Dhavale N.G for Effective Communication & Mr. Shinde A.D.for Soft Skills