Department of General Engineering :: Laboratories

Name of Laboratory Engg. Chemistry
Lab Incharge Dr.Mrs. D.R.Patil
Lab Assistant Mr. B. R. MOPARE
Area in Sq. M. 89m2
Approximate Investment 1,60,447/- (Last 3Yrs)

Name of Laboratory Engg. Physics
Lab Incharge Mr.R.S.Kadam
Lab Assistant Mr. T. G. PATIL
Area in Sq. M. 169.70m2
Approximate Investment 1,18,522/- (Last 3Yrs)
List of Major Equipments :
  1. Spectrometer.
  2. Polarimeter.
  3. Verification Of Inverse Square Law App.
  4. He-Ne Laser.
  5. Band Gap Engg. App.
  6. Computer & Printer

Lab Incharge Mr. S.E.Narawade
Lab Assistant -
Area in Sq. M. 64.31m2
Approximate Investment 8,71,045/-
List of Major Equipments :
Total No. of Computers 21
Total No. of UPS 21
Dongle (Software --ODLL) 01