Department of IT Engineering :: Vision


    To prepare students for fulfilling careers in the Information Technology by providing an excellent educational experience within an engaging, friendly, learning community.


  • Provide excellence in teaching
  • Develop a community of scholars that includes faculty, staff, students and alumni
  • Provide service to others
  • Respond to the changing demands for trained computing professionals

Quality Policy

Long Term Goals

  • As a lead and pioneering department to give technical education to students especially from rural area.
  • To build confident, capable and responsible IT Engineer , by developing his Natural skills and talents and imparting him the soft skills.
  • To prepare self reliant IT Engineers who can generate employments for progress and development of the region.
  • To establish rapport with the nearby industries for the benefit of the students through visits and sponsored projects.
Short Term Goals

  • To start R & D Centre.
  • To sign MOU with Reputed Industries.
  • To start development of Indigenous software for college needs.