“Reading is to the mind, what causes food to the health”. To take all sorts of the efforts to enrich the knowledge by providing recent advanced Journals, books and the best possible services to the students and faculty.

About Library

Library is the heart of the institution covered with 1375 Sq. M area. It is a unique Knowledge Centre. The fully well equipped Library of P. V. P. I. T. is a treasure houseof knowledge comprises ever growing collection of around 55000 books and 2000 Bound volumes of journals, and 8000 video Lecture from NPTL & 2000 E-books, 2000 CD’s etc. Journal section of central library has subscribed 77 national Journals,43 International Journals and 275 Online Journals.

Working Hours

  1. 08.00 am To 08.00 pm
  2. During the exam period 08.00 am To 12.00 pm midnight